What’s Your Sign? Introducing NewWave Stars

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest collection, NewWave Stars! This collection of mugs, on the beloved and eye-catching NewWave Caffe mug shape with its coiled handle, is made for avid star-gazers and astrology-lovers alike!

Each mug in this collection showcases the constellation for each star sign, imagined in an artistic metallic gold design against the backdrop of the night sky. NewWave Stars adds a unique twist to morning coffee or afternoon tea breaks.

And now, a brief history on astrology and the different zodiac signs! In total, there are 12 zodiac signs, each with their own specific traits. Through the analysis of the projection and position of plants, the Sun, and the Moon at the time of a person’s birth, Astrology gives us a glimpse at that person’s basic characteristics, preferences, flaws, and fears. Do you know what your star sign says about you?

What’s Your Star Sign?

NewWave Stars Aquarius mug


January 20-February 18, Air Sign

Aquarius Characteristics: Trendsetter, flaunts convention, quirky, accepting of all, detached friendliness, otherworldly glamour, humanitarian, visionary


NewWave Stars Pisces mug

February 19-March 20, Water Sign

Pisces Characteristics: Enchanting, mystical, devoted, unreachable (lost child), undefined, lacking direction, slips away from anything ‘real,’ artistic, ethereal, victim, overwhelmed, sublime, expressing divine in art, music, or dance


NewWave Stars Aries mug

March 21-April 19, Fire Sign

Aries Characteristics: Courageous, creative, spontaneous, a catalyst, confrontational, a do-er, restless, lover of challenge, ardent, a fighter, dynamic, a leader, brusque, aggressive, forceful, an agitator, and lacks subtlety

NewWave Stars Taurus mug

April 20-May 20, Earth Sign

Taurus Characteristics: Goal-oriented, lover of possessions, sensuous, takes sweet time, patient, skilled artisan, resonant voice, builder, beautifier, lover of creature comforts, stubborn, stingy, and prone to packing on the pounds


NewWave Stars Gemini mug


May 21-June 20, Air Sign

Gemini Characteristics: Curious, quick intellect, seeker of novelty, trendy, many sided, adaptable, friendly, fun, a learner, erratic, lackadaisical, scattered focus, and a trickster


NewWave Stars Cancer mug

June 21-July 22, Water Sign

Cancer Characteristics: Emotional, absorbed in moods, cautious around new people, senses undercurrents, nurturing, keeper of family story, sensitive, hidden strength, pioneer of feeling, clingy, irritable, and throws temper tantrums


NewWave Stars Leo mug

July 23-August 22, Fire Sign

Leo Characteristics: Smiley, proud, dignified, expressive, big-hearted, glamorous, regal air, ambitious, passionate, demands respect, lover of adventure and risk, an egomaniac who steals the show


NewWave Stars Virgo mug

August 23-September 22, Earth Sign

Virgo Characteristics: Fastidious, always seeking to purify, lover of routine, mechanical, sincere, conscientious, critical of self and others, kind, natural, skilled, precise, articulate, and a relentless critic


NewWave Stars Libra mug

September 23-October 22, Air Sign

Libra Characteristics: Stylish, lover of beauty and art, cultural, sophisticated, intellectual, social grace, talkative, diplomatic, a natural in relationship, evades confrontation and codependency


NewWave Stars Scorpio mug

October 23-November 21, Water Sign

Scorpio Characteristics: Soulful, probing, driven, mesmerizing, secretive, profound, deep healer, drawn to what’s hidden, lover of mysteries, at home in underworld, intensely bonded in relationships, no stranger to dark emotions


NewWave Stars Sagittarius mug

November 22-December 21, Fire Sign

Sagittarius Characteristics: Cheerful, athletic, a seeker, adventurer, world traveler, philosopher, refreshingly honest, friend to all, enlivening


NewWave Stars Capricorn mug

December 22-January 19, Earth Sign

Capricorn Characteristics: Resourceful, hard-working, master of material realm, persistent, pillar of society, seeks place in establishment, fixed on tangible results, strategist, private (though with polished public image), a leader, authority, desires to leave enduring legacy

Treat yourself to the mug with your star sign, or give the gift of NewWave Stars to your besties!