Spring in a Cup

I love adding special touches throughout my home all year long. Fresh herbs, spring shoots from my garden and the unique picks from the local farmer’s market are some of my favorite accessories this time of year. And I don’t have to go far to find quick and easy ways to showcase these seasonal beauties!

One neat idea for flower arranging is to open up your cupboards and use whatever you find as a vase. Crystal tumblers, coffee cups and small bowls are all great vessels for showcasing flowers. With this simple approach, there is really no talent in floral arranging needed…a few springs in a tumbler or mug and you are done! Plus it’s a fast and easy way to create an instant centerpiece by displaying in multiples for an impressive, repetitive row. Single displays of one or two flowers are a great way to cheer up the little nooks in your home…the bathroom, the guest room, your nightstand…even your teenager will appreciate it!

The idea is simple and easy. But the big picture is taking the extra time for quality and beauty in your life and your family’s life…even if it’s as simple as sweet peas in a water tumbler. Plus, the more you use your tableware accessories for multiple purposes, the better you feel about owning it. And the more creative you will be. I have so many customers raving about all the different ways to use a teapot! And that is indeed the point. So, go open up those cupboards and celebrate spring!

Happy Season!