How to Create an Instant Centerpiece

When hosting a dinner party, centerpieces are a must! But sometimes, the best dinner dates are the ones that are completely spontaneous. So what are you to do when you have unexpected guests? Creating an instant centerpiece is actually easier than you think. In fact, with just a bit of creativity, you can create a beautiful centerpiece with items you have in or around your own home.

5 Instant Centerpiece Ideas

Here are five easy ways to create an instant centerpiece for your next impromptu dinner party:

1. Visit Your Garden

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The most common centerpiece seen at dinner parties is fresh floral arrangement. To create this classic look quickly, simply go to your garden and pick whichever flowers you feel will look best. You do not even need to have a matching vase– simply arrange the flowers in your prettiest tumblers, champagne flutes or short glasses for a fresh and unique appeal.


2. Borrow Your Kids’ Toys

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Add a fun spin to lunches or tea parties by using small toys and trinkets in your tablescape. This unique twist to table decor can really set the tone for a casual, fun meal. Use toy trucks to deliver finger sandwiches, use a beach pail to hold drinks in the summertime, or fill glasses up with vibrant marbles to add color- the options are endless!


3. Bring Nature to Your Table

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Leaves, twigs, pine cones and other natural elements can create a laid-back atmosphere for dining with friends and family. These items are never in short supply and can be found anywhere- even in cities!


4. Make Dessert Do Double-Duty

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Desserts are always so beautiful, colorful and eye-catching. If you plan to prepare a dessert that is not highly perishable, set it out as a centerpiece throughout the dinner. It will look great and give your guests something to look forward to.


5. Empty Your Produce Drawer

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Stack a cake tray with tomatoes or apples. Fill a hurricane lamp with lemons and limes. Fill clear bowls with cranberries and orange slices. In a pinch, the fruits and vegetables you have in your produce drawer can be transformed into beautiful centerpieces with just the tiniest bit of imagination!


For your next spontaneous dinner party, use these quick tips and create a beautiful instant centerpiece that your guests will never forget.

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