The Appeal of Perfect Form

Villeroy & Boch introduces a limited edition collection of Hommage Masterpieces

hommage_Masterpieces_blog My family has always had a thing for history and fashion. It’s the marriage of the two that has kept our family-owned business alive for over 265 years. There is no greater example of this than our Masterpiece Hommage collection. We introduced it in Spring 2013 and now it has arrived in North America. It’s pretty rare in today’s day and age, that a major brand actually slows down to create limited edition pieces. However, it’s exactly what we’ve done. For the love of fashion, the celebration of our history and the shared excitement from our legions of fans and collectors. Masterpieces are available in two themes: Hommage Decoration or Modern White. These pieces are your bookshelf heroes, your coffee table conversation starters and your instant centerpieces. Display daily, use often and celebrate in style!

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Enter for the chance to win one of your own collector’s item here. Yours in style,