Isabelle von Boch: Heritage Pieces That Remind Us of Mom

Do you have pieces in your kitchen that were handed down from your mother?

A friend of mine posted the most darling picture on Facebook the other day. It was a picture of herself in the kitchen with her mother’s famous blue bowl. Next to it, was a picture of her daughter 20 years later with the same famous blue bowl. The caption readThis blue bowl has lived through generations in our family and has seen many holidays, MANY Italian meatballs and has always reminded me of my beautiful mother. Today my daughter and I still cook with this same bowl, always remembering mom.

The famous blue bowl gets passed down through generations


It made me think of heritage pieces. The pieces in your mom’s kitchen that instinctively remind you of mom and conjure happy memories. Maybe it’s a mixing bowl, a stew pot, formal dinnerware or crystal goblets. I couldn’t help but giggle to myself that I have a very secret collection of heritage pieces that neither of my 6 siblings know about. They are dishes from my mother. When she died, I went to her home in Germany and stumbled upon her collection of summer dinnerware. It was her private collection that was designed just for her. Every summer, our family would dine for hours on these plates. The laughter and stories these plates could tell. Out of all the pieces in my mother’s home, I knew these summer dishes would be the ones I’d ship home to California…without any of my siblings finding out! I still use them to this day. In fact, I served lunch to my sister on them a month ago. She noticed. She understood. And I’m starting to think she might have her own secret heritage pieces too!

So, what is the origin of our heritage pieces? How did our mother’s come to have such great items? Sometimes, a gift. Sometimes a self-purchase. It’s a nice way to think about  your collection. Making sure each piece really defines you, how you live,  how you love and how you celebrate. Sometimes it’s the fancy pieces that you see every Christmas and sometimes it’s a simple blue mixing bowl that you see every day. Remember, if it is something you love, your family will too.




I thought my girlfriend’s photo of the famous blue bowl was a wonderful tribute to her mom during Mother’s Day. I’m sure there are other special pieces from her mother that she cherishes in her life, but not very many that she can share with her daughter on a daily basis. Since this weekend is about honoring mom, I’d like to know, what heritage pieces do you have in your home that remind you of mom?

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

Isabelle von Boch